I got my first wholesale deal closed for $15,000 using the contracts and knowledge i learned from jumpstart REI!!!! The contracts, the negotiation strategies, the cold calling scripts, the rapport building training and having access to the discord chat really helped me from start to close on this deal.
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-Jeremy Robinson
learned how to get my first airbnb property in Baltimore from Olajide and Jumpstart REI and they know everything about the short term rental business. This class sped up my process of getting a unit even with challenging local regulations. I plan on using the strategies I've learned to get 10 more airbnb units
-Obum NNah
I got my first deal closed!!!! It took me about 12 weeks but when i really started to get comfortable on the phone with sellers it was soooo much easier for me. Can' wait to get my next one. Thanks Olajide.